Location, Lighting & Laughter: 8 Top Tips To Achieve AMAZING Wedding Photos

25 March 2023

If you’re getting married, (massive congratulations to you, first and foremost) then your mind is probably buzzing with an endless list of to-dos! You can’t stop thinking about the smallest details, from the time of the year you plan to tie the knot, to the shape of your gown, to researching all the top tips to achieve amazing wedding photos. 

You fancy yourself detail-oriented! And why shouldn’t you be? This is your big day, after all, and you want it to be as enchanting as you’ve always imagined. 

You also probably know that great wedding photos are the pinnacle of a perfect wedding. Your wedding photos will serve as a placeholder for those small but priceless moments you shared with loved ones on your special day – moments that you’ll forever cherish and never want to forget. 

But there’s an art to capturing those special moments. So how do you ensure you’ll be able to capture the best wedding photos possible? Not to worry! I’m here to share 8 top tips to achieve amazing wedding photos. 

1. Understand The Process Behind Great Photos

Your Pinterest board is probably filled to the brim with captivating images of stunning brides in priceless wedding gowns, modelesque bridesmaids, and chiselled partners at their side.

The colours are flawless, the flowers arranged just so, and yet somehow the frozen frame glowing on that Pinterest board before you feels so candid and simple. It seems to scream effortless photography, and that’s the art of it!

So much goes into nailing the perfect wedding photos. This is why knowing what you like is important, and appreciating the process is imperative. 

Remember that every detail matters, from the texture of the furniture in the background to the lighting of the chandelier overhead to the shade of your gown against the backdrop of the venue wall.  

It’s important to respect the process and the arrangement of all things that make a great photograph great and to be patient with what it takes to get that winning shot. 

2. Get To Know Your Photographer  

It’s easy to get caught up in all the other details of wedding planning, and before you know it the wedding day will be upon you and you’ll realise you never actually took the time to sit down with your photographer to get to know them! 

One of the best wedding photography tips is all about setting yourself and your photographer up for success, and when you and your photographer understand each other, your photos are much more likely to turn out the way you imagined they would. 

You’ll even feel less stiff and more comfortable in front of the lens when the time comes because you’ll have more trust in your photographer once you’ve established a bond. Most importantly, your photographer will have a better understanding of your personality and he or she will be better equipped to help you relax and enjoy yourself. 

So don’t wait to grab a cuppa with the photographer you have your sights set on! As soon as you feel you’ve snagged the right person, take the time to get personal. Share your goals, your anticipations, your hopes, and definitely share that Pinterest board we talked about earlier. 

3. Weather Can Set The Tone 

As an Adelaide wedding photographer, I’m aware that we’re blessed with relatively clear skies year-round. However, rainy days have been known to surprise a wedding party or two on my watch!

That’s why it’s a good idea to plan for the best but remain flexible and try to keep a positive attitude rain or shine. Remember, even cloudy days have their place when it comes to cultivating killer wedding photos! 

Still, if you have a specific vision in mind for what type of weather you’re hoping for, be sure to plan your wedding date for a specific time of year when the weather is seasonally more predictable. 

Another one of my best tips to achieve amazing wedding photos is to try and have a good understanding of what the weather can bring to your photos. 

For example, overcast weather can make for soft and flat images whereas sunshine can make for more dramatic shadows and depth. Both are usable lighting styles, but if you have your heart absolutely set on what you want, then it’s important to plan around a seasonal date and chat with your photographer about what lighting you’re hoping for.  

4. Know That Golden Hour 

Another thing to consider when considering outdoor wedding photography tips is the best time of day to snap your perfect shot. 

Most photographers have their preferred golden hour, and it often falls close to sunrise or sunset, but it’s important to know how other times of the day can affect your pictures. Sunrise and sunset can certainly serve as a photographer’s go-to grab for obvious reasons, especially if your venue is on the cusp of a stunning waterfront or the backdrop exposes rolling hills, forests, or grasslands. 

But while sunrises and sunsets give more warm and soft lighting, the midday sun offers a great opportunity for a more editorial contrast that gives a certain flair to your wedding photos. Think Vogue-style pictures that evoke elegance and drama! 

Dusk also has its perks. Shooting at dusk gives a romantic, moody vibe that instils a sense of mystique. You can have lots of fun after sunset with lighting, too, especially outdoors. Imagine the enchanting ambience of lanterns, candles, and tealights on tabletops! The opportunities are endless. 

5. Seek Out That Stellar Lighting 

Speaking of an enchanting ambience, let’s talk about lighting. When we look at how to take wedding photos indoors, lighting is absolutely essential.

Excellent lighting can make even a mundane location look exceptional in your photographs! Whether you’re getting ready for your wedding at home or at a hotel or celebrating at your reception, phenomenal lighting not only plays a role in how your wedding photos turn out, but it sets the tone for the type of story your photographs will tell. 

For capturing romance with indoor wedding lights, consider dimly lit rooms with candlelit tables, fairy lights, and elegant chandeliers. 

Outdoor lighting is just as essential, especially in the evening. I personally love an outdoor alfresco-style dinner at a wedding because there are no reflections from marquee walls or windows, no unsightly ceilings, or walls to block the light, and everything has more depth – providing an ethereal and romantic atmosphere perfect for the storybook wedding of your dreams. 

6. Location, Location, Location!

It sounds cliche, but location really is the foundation on which you will build your wedding day. This includes not only the venue but the venue’s surroundings. The location is a huge piece of the puzzle that will bring your wedding to life both on and off the camera.

One of my key tips to achieve amazing wedding photos is to think about the dominant colours surrounding the potential venues on your list and what that will mean for your photos. Do you want a backdrop of lush green gardens? Then perhaps a winery or national park would be your ideal location. 

If you prefer creamy white aesthetics reminiscent of old Italy, perhaps you should consider a Tuscan-style property like Carrick Hill or Villarica Estate

In Adelaide alone, there are so many luxury wedding venues and options to consider, and each delivers a unique ambience when it comes to the backdrop of your wedding photos. You can even have the best of both worlds with the white aesthetics and lush vineyards when going with a venue like Lloyd Brothers Winery or Simon Hackett Winery

7. Your Comfort Is Key

When it comes to my ultimate top tips for good wedding photos, it’s all about comfort. Let’s face it – you’re going to be a ball of jitters on your wedding day regardless of how well you prepare and having someone follow you around with a camera can make things even more nerve-wracking. 

This is why being comfortable with your wedding photographer is so important! You can go out of your way to hire the best Adelaide wedding photographer money can buy, but you can’t put a price on comfort.

If you’re someone who is naturally camera shy, you might consider an engagement shoot before the big day. This is actually one of my top wedding photography tips for couples. Not only will you and your partner get to practise being in front of the lens together, which is nerve-inducing on its own, but you’ll be able to familiarise yourself with the cadence of a photoshoot without all the pressure of a wedding at the same time.

This way, by the time the big day comes around, you’ll know what to expect and feel more relaxed. 

And speaking of feeling relaxed, make sure you consider the type of energy you want your photographer to capture when it comes to you and your partner. Do you want a photographer who is going to give more direction and show you how to pose for wedding photos, or would you prefer a photographer who is skilled at capturing more candid moments? 

This is where having a vision before you book a wedding photographer will come in handy. Make sure you know what you want and are able to look through your photographer’s portfolio to ensure their style matches yours. Cohesiveness and proper communication will help to pave the road to beautiful photos you love.    

8. In The End, Try To Embrace The Imperfections

Yes, it’s so important to have a plan, to know what you want, and to have a vision for your perfect wedding photos. But it’s equally as important to be able to let go of expectations and enjoy the process! 

Once you book your photographer, put your trust in that person. Remember that they’re a professional – allow them the space to find and capture those special moments throughout your day. 

You hired them for a reason, so trust their professional eye and be willing to embrace the imperfections that are bound to happen regardless of how precisely you’ve planned for your day! Those imperfections, after all, are often where the perfect photos secretly lie. 

If you’re ready to look into Adelaide wedding photography, feel free to reach out. I would love to hear from you and I’m excited to help you establish your vision for the wedding photos of your dreams!