Shhh…6 Top-Secret Elopement Locations In South Australia

25 May 2023

From rugged Outback to sparkling beaches, our beautiful state of South Australia is just made for elopements! There are so many incredible elopement locations in South Australia where you can create a dreamy celebration, exactly as you’ve always imagined. I love these locations because they not only showcase the beauty of the state, but they’re unique and memorable, stimulating the senses and evoking romance through scent, cuisine, wine or inspiring natural landscapes. 

Can you keep a secret? In that case, here are the seven best places to elope in South Australia that are under the radar! 

1. Marion Bay 

As an Australian elopement photographer, I meet many couples who love that relaxed, coastal vibe and want to incorporate it into the wedding day. If that sounds like you and you both love the smell of saltwater and the laid-back beach lifestyle, consider eloping in Marion Bay, just outside Innes National Park.

You can stay at My Sister & the Sea, a super cute cottage, and then elope near the beach, right next door! (Check out their ‘elopement escapes’). Their sister property, ‘Love and Mutiny’, would be an alternative place to stay, offering a more fun and retro vibe!

2. Kuitpo Forest

Where can I elope in Adelaide which feels a world away from the city? Consider a Kuitpo Forest elopement for a stunning (and dog-friendly!) plantation forest wedding. It’s serene, romantic and a gorgeous setting for your wedding photography. 

You can get married within the forest itself or under the famous Burbrook Forest Tree (note that Burbrook is private property so permission is needed) and it’s a wonderful outdoor venue for anyone who loves nature!

Stay in an off-the-grid eco-friendly cabin ( — a fun and environmentally-friendly way to kick off your new life together! 

3. Mount Osmond Lookout

As an Adelaide elopement photographer, one of my favourite places to shoot is Mount Osmond Lookout. Okay, it’s not such a top secret location but it’s a great elopement spot close to the city, and it’s nice to have that option. With gently rolling hills leading down to incredible city views, Mount Osmond is an ideal backdrop for saying your vows. 

Mid-week is a great time for a Mount Osmond Lookout elopement as it can be super popular at sunset, especially on weekends. After your ceremony, spend a few nights at the lux Sequoia Lodge for a few days of relaxation. 

4. Blanche Point, Willunga Beach

Just south of Adelaide, you’ll find the incredible sandy cliffs of Blanche Point, right above Willunga Beach and overlooking Maslin Beach. Blanche Point is a sharp cliff edge overlooking the crystal blue ocean and makes for incredible elopement photos in the McLaren Vale region.

Elope on the cliffs or down at the beach, then celebrate with family and friends at a local winery, and enjoy the delicious seafood, Shiraz and gorgeous scenery that McLaren Vale is known for — making for a romantic and fun weekend away. 

5. Kangaroo Island 

Kangaroo Island is truly the crown jewel of South Australia! This spectacular island is rich in wildlife and natural beauty, like the popular Remarkable Rocks and Admirals Arch, but also has plenty of hidden coves, quiet beaches and sweeping cliffs for a more private celebration.

For a Kangaroo Island elopement, check out Wandering Souls, offering glamping and tipi setups across the island — you can’t go wrong with any of the island’s beaches! Say your vows at sunrise and then plan an incredible day of beach adventures with your friends and family … keeping your eyes peeled for koalas and ‘roos, of course!

6. Deep Creek 

Deep Creek National Park is truly a hidden gem! About 90 minutes from Adelaide, a Deep Creek wedding is remote, rugged and so much fun!

Check out Blowhole Beach, Cobbler Hill or Deep Creek Cove, although some areas are only accessible by 4WD or hiking. The landscape here is truly OMG beautiful — it looks like New Zealand or Ireland! 

For a bit of luxury after a day of hiking (and getting married!) stay at Naiko Retreat — a truly special honeymoon location with innovative architectural design and floor-to-ceiling views of the region’s windswept cliffs and rolling hills. 

You really can’t go wrong with any of the above elopement locations In South Australia, and they’re all unique and relatively unknown — which also makes for original wedding photos, unlike anyone else’s! However, before booking any wedding venue, be sure to scout it out and make sure it’s accessible. And, if you’re planning a National Park wedding, a permit is generally needed — although the process to obtain one is straightforward, so don’t worry! 

If you’re ready to plan your epic South Australian elopement, I can’t wait to help! Please reach out with any elopement photography questions — let’s chat over a cuppa and I can help you bring your wedding photography vision to life.