Hannah & Duncan // Fleurieu Peninsula Wedding

1 May 2021

“I’ve never felt more ready for anything in my life”

– Hannah, two minutes before the ceremony

Hannah and Duncan chose to set their wedding day in Normanville, a peaceful and picturesque area on the Fleurieu Peninsula. They both love trees and climbing, and so they picked a location that was true to their outdoorsy and nature-loving personalities.

“Duncan proposed spontaneously on a camping trip away, in a tent, whilst it was raining outside!”

On my drive down the coast I stopped to take some photos of the surrounding area before the day begun, which gave a real sense of the beautiful location they’d chosen for their wedding day. Unfortunately both Hannah and Duncan’s family were all locked down in the UK and unable to attend this gorgeous day. I felt these images would help to set the scene for those who couldn’t make it.


Hannah: I love Duncan’s heart for God more than anything else and his child-like love for life’s simple pleasures. 

Duncan: I love Hannah’s joy for life and eagerness to try new things.

“I do” was our favourite moment

Hannah’s from England and Duncan’s from Scotland. Like most modern day couples, they met on Tinder in 2018 and it turned out to be a beautiful success story! When they first started dating, Hannah moved out to Australia and they mutually decided that long distance wasn’t going to work. They faced tough trials together across the waters – lock down, health issues, a global pandemic, along with some major life changes and decisions. They both knew they had found the partner they wanted to do life with, in all its ups and downs. Duncan managed to secure a job in Australia and so they settled in Adelaide.

“The distance was not enough to separate us. We were trying not to love each other but we just grew closer friends and deeper in love through it.”


The entire day was hosted at southshoressa resort in a double story villa, using the grassed area behind the house for the ceremony, and the nearby beach for photos. A truly minimalist occasion. They chose to have a Fleurieu Peninsula wedding because they area reminded them of their nature-loving selves.

“Weddings do not need to be expensive. We spent 1/10th of the cost a lot of people do and it was beautiful, simple and just perfect. Keep it stress free and avoid the fancy details. Be happy, enjoy yourself and the simple beauty of coming together as one. The day is about love.”

They planned the entire wedding in two months!! The ceremony was livestreamed to their family back home, and their grandparents’ readings were read out by friends who could attend. They had support from their collection of close friends from their church here in Adelaide – 17 in total. Despite it being May, the sun was shining down on them and it was a beautifully warm day. They both hand wrote their vows in cute books made by a friend. It was a simple and stripped back day, mostly DIY’d and focused around their love for God and eachother.


We had a few minutes to spare before the ceremony was due to start. Hannah’s friend excitedly rushed into the room and asked if they could all pray together before she walked down the aisle. The room was filled with so much love and goodness!