Josh & Christina // Adelaide Proposal // Botanic Park

25 April 2021
Adelaide Botanic Park, SA

Nestled under the shade of a giant Banyan Tree in the Botanic Park of Adelaide, a very special proposal was about to take place. Josh had enlisted help from the wonderful Louise from Popped Proposals, who very cleverly styled this beautiful scene in preparation for his big moment. When enquiring, she offered Josh the 25th April as the special date, which so happened to be their 6 year anniversary. It was meant to be.

Due to arrive at midday, we waited eagerly for their arrival. Hand in hand, Josh and Christina came strolling through the park towards the picnic area, right on time. I was feeling nervous, but I couldn’t imagine how Josh was feeling at this moment. Hiding behind a tree, I started snapping as they walked towards me. The expression on Christina’s face when she realised the picnic was for her was just magic.

I moved in closer as Josh dropped his coat down on the picnic rug. With no hesitation, he took to one knee and popped the question! No messing about! I was totally moved by the moment and found myself bawling behind my camera. It was kinda embarrasing when I introduced myself and I has tears streaming down my face!!

I spent some time with Josh and Christina afterwards, capturing their emotion and connection with one another. It was quite special to be there for this. They were both so over-the-moon (and Josh was relieved of course). Congratulations you gorgeous pair!

Proposals have now become one of my favourite things to photograph, so if you’re planning an Adelaide proposal, check out my proposal gallery and get in touch.

Thanks for reading.

Katy x